Another Railway Line at Conisborough – Iron Ore may be Worked

September 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 03 September 1910

Another Railway Line at Conisborough

Iron Ore may be Worked

The colliery developments around the district are making widespread commercial and industrial activities. There are springing Into being new towns with fast-grown communities and the Local Government Board Inspectors are frequently visiting the district in response to the demands for powers to borrow money to provide the necessary health and military safeguards for the people.

There is a proposal on foot to construct an additional railway line in the neighbourhood of Conisborough, in order to cope with the growing mineral traffic through the working of the Dinnington Colliery. A survey of the district has been carried out, and the promoters of the proposed line are the Hull and Barnsley and the Great Central Railway Companies.

Negotiations for the purchase of the necessary land to lay a line of about mile, in length are not completed. If the scheme does take practical shape, it is estimated that thousands of tons of coal will pass over the line every day. It will probably do away with the necessity of carrying the coal from the Dinnington and Aston and the Silverwood Collieries at Rotherham, and will be in connection with the line which at present deals with the first two named collieries.

It may possibly run into the Delimiter area at Bramley’s Yard, in the parish of Micklebring, where another new pit may be sunk right in one of the ” best runs” of the Wentworth Hunt. From here it will traverse a large quantity of land owned by Lady Yarborough and the course mapped out in the township of Conisboro’ shows that the line will proceed in the direction of Conisboro’ Park, by the Manor Viral, over the Common by the hospital and thence to the new colliery at Edlington where in all probability a siding will be erected.

The land implicated at Conisboro’ is owned by Mr. Montagu, Mrs. Barker, Mr. Barrows and Mr. Whilletd.

In connection with Coniston,’ Part, it is persistently stated that the iron ore which is known to exist in the vicinity of the proposed railway is to be reworked. It was worked some twenty years ago. but the results were unsatisfactory.