Answer To Servant’s Allegations.

February 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 23 February 1921

Answer To Servant’s Allegations.

Allegations of ill-treatment of a servant girl named Doris Middleton (14) were made at the Doncaster West Riding Court, yesterday, against William Hunt, farmer and dealer, Conisborough, and his wife, Emma.

Complainant said that she went to live with the defendants the first week in September and she was to be treated as one of their own. She was treated well for a fortnight. Afterwards, she alleged, they were always hitting her.

Mrs. Hunt, it was alleged, struck her with a rolling pin, a carpet brush, sweeping brush, saucepan, and horsewhip, and she had thumped and kicked her.

Mr. Hunt, it was alleged, had struck her with a toast fork, and kicked her.

She ran, away on the 13th. She said she had never previously complained of being ill-treated. Sergeant Clappell who saw the girl on the 14th, when she had left defendants house, said he had examined her back, and it was as black as a collier’s, and he could see nothing for dirt, which was caked on. There was a bruise on the elbow.

Mr Furniss, in defence, characterised all the girl’s story as a fabrication, and said the girl was sulky and idle.

Hunt and his wife gave a complete denial of the charge of ill-treatment. Mrs. Hunt said the girl’s story was a peck of lies.

The case was dismissed.