Apology Demanded Conisborough Hospital Refutes Allegation

January 1938

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 20 January 1938

Apology Demanded
Conisborough Hospital Refutes Allegation

Statements alleged to have been made at meeting of Stainforth Parish Council with reference to the Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Isolation Hospital, at Conisborough, were warmly refuted at yesterday’s meeting of the board.

Mr. A. Cranfield produced a newspaper cutting giving an account of the Parish Council’s meeting. In it a member was alleged to have said that when the Conisborough Hospital was full Stainforth patients were “left to die.’

Mr. Cranfield said it was a serious reflection on the hospital. They had never refused a patient, and they never would. It was very wrong for public man to talk like that.

Dr. W. J. Maclure, medical superintendent, said that patients from Stainforth or any other district had never been refused, and the clerk (Mr. Bowers) pointed out that although they could have refused patients from that district they had never done so.

The board decided to send letter the Stainforth member concerned demanding a public apology.