Approved Bus Stops

April 1946

South Yorkshire Times, April 6, 1946

Approved Bus Stops

The Urban Council have decided to approve the following bus stops at Conisbrough for the Rotherham Corporation bus services:

Rotherham – Doncaster route (outward): Opposite Spring Bank Road, east wall of Cemetery; 20 paces west of Park Road junction with Sheffield Road; near to lamp south-west of Holywell Lane near entrance to Messrs. Braim and Cooper’s Work;

(Inward): Near telegraph pole outside the shop at Hill Top; 20 paces west of Cemetery gates, near telegraph pole; three paces east of telegraph pole near to the advertisement sign outside Messrs. Braim and Cooper’s premises. Doncaster (via Conanby route)

(Outward): Fifteen yards west of Welfare Ave.

Old Road road junction; existing Mexborough and Swinton Traction Company’s stop sign at Lord Conyers Hotel; outside 61, Church Street: near Senior and Firth’s shop in Park Road, opposite No. 85, Park Road; 15 paces south of road halt sign in Park Road near junction with Sheffield Road; (Inward): Adjacent to Council’s public seats in Old Road; existing Mexborough and Swinton Traction Comapny’s sign near Lord Conyer Hotel; halfway between school entrance and Church Street junction; and near to junction of St. Peter’s Road and Park Road