Denaby Utd – Denaby 6 Rotherham Co. 0 – Burkinshaw’s Four Goals

1 April 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 1

Denaby┬┤s Brilliant Form.
Heavy defeat of Rotherham County
Burkinshaw’s Four Goals

Denaby United 6 Rotherham County 0

Denaby gave their supporters a surprise on Saturday, when they defeated Rotherham County Reserves by six clear goals. The form displayed by the home team was great improvement on anything seen at Denaby lately, and it was singular that, simultaneous with an appeal for better support of the club, they should have accomplished one of their best performances of the season.

Rotherham occupy a much stronger position in the league tables than Denaby, and it seemed to be a prevailing idea on Saturday that Denaby would just manage to snatch victory, but that they would have to fight for it.

As things turned out, Denaby did not, strictly speaking, have to fight for their victory at all, and it was only in the second half that. Rotherham put up in the position that was really serious.

The game had not been in progress 3 minutes before Denaby took the lead from the first of a remarkable series of goals by Burkinshaw. The early reverse seemed to upset Rotherham, who were not really settled down before Burkinshaw obtained his second goal.

Denaby had made a feud team changes, and the crowd was surprised to see Brayshaw turnout instead of McDonald. “Jobey” Godfrey their new forward, played his first game with his new club and took the centre position. The halfback line had been halted and Ashton was given a rest. Kennedy, also, did not appear, and Ballance was drop back to centre half, Peters reappearing at his right.

There was a good “gate”

From a beautiful pass from Wilson, Burkinshaw scored with a fine first-time drive before the game was 3 min old. After about 15 min play, Denaby got their second goal. The movement originated on the left wing, with Wilson put in some nice work, and it is noteworthy that all three goals in the first half were products of smart left-wing work, in which Wilson was very prominent. Taking the ball swiftly down the wing, Wilson gave to Brayshaw, who transferred it across was a lovely faster Burkinshaw, we drove the ball straight home with another fine first-timer.

On the expiration of half an hour’s play, Burkinshaw completed his hat-trick, and it was a beautiful goal. As in the two previous cases, the groundwork of the successful attack was put in by the left-wing, from which direction Burkinshaw received a grand centre, and scored with another glorious first-time drive

Burkinshaw Again

Josh Burkinshaw, who figured so brilliantly in Denaby triumph last Saturday, house thoroughly enjoyed himself at the expense of Rotherham County this year. Of the 24 goals the escort the Denaby, seven have been pumped into the Rotherham County defence, and his individual fitting scored a hat-trick home and away games. One could should surely be an individual Midland League record for the season.