Denaby Utd – Apr 12 – Denaby 0 Wath 2 – Splendid Double Over Denaby.

April 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times April 12

Wath´s Triumph
Splendid Double Over Denaby.

Denaby United 0, Wath Athletic 2

The meeting between the local rivals, Denaby and Wath, at Denaby, on Saturday, did not give a result in accordance with form.

Wath played the better game throughout, and won deservedly. Tough Denaby played a side weakened by the absence of Godfrey, Illingworth and Chambers, and a little tired by the strenuous work of the past fortnight.

Wath´s performance must not be belittled because of these circumstances. They played really well in every department. The attack imparted to it new dash and determination by the inclusion of Bowen, the ex-Mexborough forward, as leader. He made a very promising debut for the Athletic, and scored a final goal. Dennis was a great deal happier at half-back. He was one of the outstanding men of the day, and reduced Hamilton almost to impotence. Nicholson, at centre-half, played a splendid game in defence and attack. The defence was fine throughout, always alert, and making few mistakes. Frost returned to do well in goal. The whole side was much more purposeful and spirited in their play that were Denaby.

The vigour and daring of the Wath attack upset the home defence, and Coope and Matt Taylor never settled down to their usual confident game. The halves, too, failed to get their customary grip on the opposing attack. The forward line lacked thrust , and could do little right front of goal. The team, as a whole, did not work with their usual understanding, and were clearly thrown off their method by the bustling tactics of Wath.

The play was scrappy at the outset, but Wath took up the attack, after Frost had saved a first time effort by Picknett and Bowen made a brilliant run through finishing with a swift low drive which Bromage saved splendidly. A minute later, Bowen missed the mark, when Brayshaw had slipped him a neat pass after Redfern had centred. Denaby had a turn, and Frost had to save an awkward bouncing ball pushed forward by Shaw. Then Hamilton got the ball across, and Shaw, within a few yards of goal, simply put in into the hands of Frost. Wath made a strong assault, and there were claims for a penalty when Coope appeared to push Bowen. Wath kept it up for some minutes, Brayshaw making a great attempt to break through, but Taylor made a timely clearance. Wath´s only weakness was on the respective wings. Neither Redfern nor Wroe did much in the opening half. Their centres were not well placed, and they were too much inclined to try long flying shots from the wings. But the inside men continued to hammer at the Denaby defence.

Frost caught and threw away a dropping centre by Flanaghan, and Baker completed the clearance. Shaw was going through when he was pulled up by Wheatley in the penalty area. Denaby made a strong rally, but Hill finally blazed the ball over the bar. The Denaby forwards re-arranged themselves, Shaw dropping into his old position at inside-left, and Picknett leading the line, while Lilley went inside to Hamilton.

: justify; text-indent: 36pt;”>The second half was fought out at a faster pace, and Denaby had more of the game in their earlier part of the half. Both sides made threatening raids in turn, and both missed chances, though Wath were the worst offenders in this respect, for the Denaby defence was still anything but safe, while Wath´s was, on the whole, sound. Beverly headed our splendidly in a big Denaby rush. Bowen dribbled through at the other end, but, bothered by Taylor, screwed his shot over. Denaby came nearer a score than they had done throughout the game when Hamilton centred. Frost fisted out with Picknett hustling him, and Wheatley very promptly completed the partial clearance, exciting incidents occurred at both ends during the next few minutes, but the shooting was anything but deadly. When most people had given the game up as a goalless draw, Redfern burst through, and put in a very fine cut centre. BRAYSHAW dashed forward as the ball was passing towards the goalkeeper, and with the merest flick of the foot turned it just round the post past waiting Bromage. A minute later, Wroe run down, put across a high centre which appeared to be too far forward, but BOWEN leaped up and got his head to it to flash it into the net. Both the goals came in the last seven minutes of play.


Denaby United: Bromage; Coope and Taylor; Hill; Gaffney and Rhodes; Hamilton; Lilley; Picknett; Shaw and Flanaghan.

Wath Athletic: Frost; Beverley and Wheatley; Baker; Nicholson and Dennis; Wroe; Brayshaw; Bowen; Hargreaves and Redfern.