Conisbro CC – Conisbrough 55 for 5 Hope Glass Works 18

27 April 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 27.

Conisborough 55 for 5 v Hope Glass Works 18

The Conisborough team commenced the cricket season with a match against Hope Glass Works, in the Mexborough and district league, on Saturday.

Bilbrough, a player from Knottingley, was included in the Conisborough team on trial as a professional. He made a marvellous performance in the bowling line, taking no less than seven wickets for 2 runs. This grand accomplishment inspired Conisborough supporters with agood opinion of the man. He did not makea grand display in the batting direction, as he had to be satisfied with a “duck.”

With reference to the game, the Conisborough team can only be congratulated on their splendid performance. It will be remembered that last year. Conisborough made a similar achievement against Hope Glass Works, who were then considered to be the best 11 in the league. The Hope Glass Works wickets were captured for only 18 run, whilst Conisborough made 55 for the loss of five wickets. Bury was responsible for 13 of the runs, whilst Appleyard had made 10 when the innings was declared.

The reverent W. Strawbridge was rather fortunate in having to retire hurt when he was getting in good form.

Hope Glass Works batted first and before the game had been in progress long their best batsmen was bowled by Bilbrough for 1. He was followed shortly by Swann, who was bowled for a duck by Hardy. Six more wickets quickly fell for the small total of 13 runs. Mr Norwood could not help but smile at the grand achievement the club in which he takes a great deal of interest. The reverent W Strawbridge must again be given a word of praise for his excellent work in the cricket field. Rushworth was caught in splendid style by Bury, having scored two runs. Hardy deserves special commendation for the manner in whichhe succeeded in capturing this wicket. When the bowling averages were totalled at the close of the innings it was found that Bilbrough had taken seven wickets fortwo runs and Hardy three wickets for 14 runs.

Conisborough commenced their innings with Moore and Bury to the bowling of Gummerson and Rushworth. When the score had reached 14 Gummerson succeeding bowling Moore. The game still continued to be very interesting until Rev W.A.Strawbridge made the winning hit, and nothing more of a very exciting character took place.