Argument Ends In Blows.

October 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 05 October 1911

Argument Ends In Blows.

A disturbance at Conisborough was the subject of an action for damages in the Doncaster County Court yesterday. John Gallagher, miner, 25, March Street, Conisborough, claiming £12 from Philip Ford, miner, and occasional barman.

Plaintiff’s statement was that on July 3rd he left an inn about seven o’clock, and two men named Coley and Bashforth came out, and began fighting. Defendant, who acted as barman, came, and struck plaintiff, and knocked him down. He was unconscious, and was attended locally for nine days, and then went to the Doncaster Infirmary. He was suffering from pain in the head, and was told it was compression of the brain. He was off work for four weeks.

In defence, defendant said there was disturbance outside the house. A man named Bashforth was knocked down, and kicked, and witness seized the offender, when plaintiff rushed him, and struck him. He struck back, but he denied calling out “Is there another Irishman?” because he said he was more Irish than any of them.

Witnesses were called for the defence, who said they had been arguing in the inn on religion.

His Honour said it appeared have been a row, and defendant was justified in what did. Judgment was given for the defendant.