Remembrance Day – Denaby – The “Living” Sacrifice

November 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 15, 1935


The “Living” Sacrifice

The annual Armistice service was held last Sunday in the Parish Church and was well attended. A procession was led by the Ambulance Band, and included the British Legion, St John Ambulance Brigade and Nursing Division, Scout, Fire Brigade, Garden Society, Church Lads Brigade etc.

During the service the choir sang the introit, “Lead me Lord,” and the hymn “O Valiant hearts” was sung.

The vicar (Rev S Powley) read out the names on the church memorial tablet. Preaching from the text “I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service” (Romans XI, 1). The vicar said that St Paul urged the absolute necessity of sacrifice for Christians. Jesus Christ was a grand example of sacrifice. We must possess the same spirit as Christian people. Today many Christians were far from that spirit. On this day we are thinking particularly of the men all sacrifice their all.

“We are gathered to reverence their memory. We cannot do less. We will not – because we dare not – let this day pass without remembering those who make such a sacrifice. It is 17 years since the Armistice. We thought then that the world was so shaken by modern warfare, that war would never again blot the world. Our hopes have not been realised. We have often seemed to be on the verge of war. At the present time a European Power is waging scientific war on a primitive people.

It is certain that the mission of Christ has not yet been realised. He came to lay the foundation for peace. We put the fault upon this or that individual ordination, never upon ourselves. How far are we individually try to prevent war or sacrifice ourselves for peace? The League of Nations has made a wonderful attempt but it will accomplish nothing until it is Christian through and through. The responsibility for peace is yours and mine.

We are met today to pray for peace. How many will come to church next Sunday to pray again for peace? We should pray every Sunday and every day. If all we could see ourselves as God sees us or our dead sees us we should want to change.

“We must determine that our brethren shall not have died in vain, but that we shall help to make the world a place of peace – a kingdom of God.”

After the Benediction a short service was held at the Cenotaph in the churchyard.

Greece were placed on a memorial by the British Legion, the Ambulance Brigade, the Nursing Division, the Scouts and the Denaby Garden Society as well as by relatives of the fallen.

The collection was in aid of Earl Haig’s fund.

Boys are Rossington Street School held an impressive Armistice Day service at Epworth Hall on Monday morning. They heard by wireless the Cenotaph service, listen to arena of Sir Samuel Hoare’s message for Armistice Day and sang hymns. Address was given by the headmaster, Mr W.Watson.