Assault at Conisborough

October 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 4 1895

Assault at Conisborough

Sarah Dransfield, a married woman, of Conisborough, was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Oldfield, also of Conisborough.

The complainant stated that she went into the yard to taking some clean clothes that were hanging on the line and her son went with her.

There were some boys there having a scuffle among themselves, and defendant was there and struck complainant, knocking her flat on her back.

John Tilson was called, and witness to the fact that defendant struck complainant, which in his opinion there was a great deal of provocation.

Joseph Oldfield, son of complainant, said defendant threw his mother down on the ground several times, and moreover his mother did not do anything to justify such treatment.

The case was dismissed.

William Hutton was then charged with assaulting Joseph Oldfield, the son of the complainant in the last case. Joseph Oldfield said that the defendant threw him down twice and kicked him. He was only endeavouring to get mother away from the woman Dransfield.

The defendant said he did not do anything otherwise than drag Oldfield away by his collar, as he was about to kick Mrs Dransfield in the face.

Annie Olman said she saw the complainant in the act of kicking Mrs Dransfield in the face, when he was pulled on one side by the defendant.

Case was dismissed