Assault at Conisborough

August 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 23 1895

Assault at Conisborough.

John Hawkesworth, miner, Conisborough, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly, and also for assaulting John Guest and Wm. Henry Meadows on the 10th inst.

Wm. Henry Meadows said that he was in Church Street, Conisborough, on the day in question, about 10 o’clock at night. He heard a disturbance and went to it, and was suddenly struck down without saying a word. Guest and Hawkesworth were fighting, but he did not intrude. Defendant and Guest were talking about family affairs. He received two blows, the first being a very light one, but the second knocked him down.

Henry Guest said he came up from Doncaster by the 10 o’clock train, and proceeded to Church Street, where he heard a disturbance. Witness saw Hawkesworth, who is his nephew, and defendant knocked him down. Witness ran away and was pursued, and the assault was repeated in Woolhouses yard when the defendant had to be pulled away from witness.

Cross-examined by Mr. Hall: He never said anything wrong about defendant’s grandfather. He did not strike Harksworth first. Hawkesworth first struck witness, and he tried to strike defendant back in self defence. Harksworth was fresh.

Wm. Goodhind, Conisborough, corroborated Guest’s evidence, and said he parted Harksworth from Guest. Harksworth was fresh.

For the defence, Charles Thorpe and James Crookes both gave evidence to the effect that Guest came up and said something about defendant’s father, which incited him to strike defendant, and both men were fighting one against the other. Meadows interfered during the struggle, and consequently received two blows which were to have been awarded to one of the combatents.

Defendant was fined 1s. And costs for being drunk, and 1s. And costs in each case of assault, and was also bound to keep the peace for six months.