Assault at Denaby

March 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 March 1901

Assault at Denaby

Sarah Horn, married woman. Denaby, was summoned by Harry Troueman for an assault alleged to have been committed at Denaby on Feb. 24th.

The complainant said there was, number of children playing in a pig-cote on Sunday the 24th inst.. and he went to check them. The defendant, who lived in the same yard, ran across and struck him three times on the face.

The defendant said the complainant called her son a rotten pig, and that was the reason she struck him. He had no right to interfere with the children, as he was,’ only at lodger” in the yard.

Mary Shelley said she saw the defendant strike Troutman.

Hannah Cole and Joseph Cole gave similar evidence

The defendant was sworn, and said the complainant was three-parts drunk. He knocked two of the children sway from the pig-stye. He had a hammer in his hand and lifted it up to strike her, calling her foul names and he also said her son was a rotten pig. That was why she struck him.

The withers Cole had previously summoned her and her husband for assault and since then there had been no peace in the yard.

The Chairman said the costs were exceedingly heavy, and the case was a very trivial one. The defendant would not be fine, but she would have to pay the costs, amounting to 10s., Which were sufficient to meet the case.