Assault At Denaby.

July 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 04 July 1902

Assault At Denaby.

 Martin Coyne, a miner, Conisboro’, was for summoned for having committed an assault upon Frank Lane, at Denaby, on June 113th.

Mr. W. Baddiley appeared on behalf of the defendant.

Complainent deposed that on the date referred to be was going home when he the defendant in the street, and the latter struck him with his fist on the arm, knocking him on be ground and afterwards kicking him in the left eye. Before committing the assault the defendant did not address a single word to him. He (defendant) was carried into an adjoining house in an unconscious condition.

Defendant stated that on the date in question, between seven and eight o’clock, he went to the house of a man named Oscar Whitaker. That house, defendant alleged, was nothing but a boozing place, where singing and drinking went on and he did not regard it as proper place for his (defendant’s) wife to visit.

Defendant entered the home by one door, and his wife it by another. He was pursuing his wife when complainant interposed. Subsequently he met the complainant in the sheet, and remarked that Whitaker’s house was not a proper place for his wife to visit and complainant replied it was for anyone who could pay for drink. he (defendant) then dealt him a blow in the eye, knocking him down. That was the only blow struck.

The Chairman said the Bench believed that the defendant committed the assault and he would be fined 20s and costs.