Assault at Denaby Main

February 1889

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 15, 1889

Assault at Denaby Main

Patrick Prendergast, a lame, middle-aged man, was charged with assaulting John Humphreys, a young man at Denaby on 26 January.

Defendant said he was guilty of the assault, but pleaded in extenuation that the complainant called him “a – – – –  Irish  – – – – –.”

Complainant: Will you allow me to have it adjourned for a week, so that I may get witnesses.

The Magistrates Clerk said that as the defendant pleaded guilty, there was no need for witnesses.

Complainant then stated that he was in Slater’s (the Reresby Arms, Denaby Main), on the date in question when the defendant came talking to him, and eventually struck him with a stick.

By Defendant: he was not “acting” with a young man named William Thompson, nor did he come to where he (defendant) was sitting, and pulling faces at him, called him ” – – – – – Irish pig.” He did not try to get defendant stick from him.

Defendant said he did, and that that caused him to lose his temper. He was a cripple, was 57 years old, and was never in a police Court before in his life.

Defendant was fined 20 shillings and costs.