Assault at Denaby – Money Owed for Lodgings

July 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 15, 1905

Assault at Denaby

A Denaby miner, named, Wm. White, was summoned at the instance of Robert Elliott for assaulting him, and Denaby, on July 1.

The complainant said on the previous Saturday, at 3.30 in the afternoon, he was at new Conisbrough, and was going to get his wages. He had obtained a portion of them, and he asked where he would obtain the remainder. He was told to see a man at Conisbrough. He was proceeding there when White stopped him

The Chairman: Where do you get your wages – at the public?

Complainant: Yes, sir; I got mine, or part of them at Denaby

The Chairman: You get paid at public

Complainant: That’s where I got mine.

Continuing, he said he got into wagonette with the intention of going to Conisborough, when the defendant came up and pulled him out, tearing his coat and vest. He had not yet obtained the other proportion of his wages.

Defendant, an elderly man, questioned the complainant, who admitted that he used to lodge with the defendant, and when he left he owed 15 shillings for board

Complainant said he intented to pay when he got some money. The defendant saw him in the wagonette, and thought he was going away without paying him

Charles Holmes, a young man, said he was passing at the time, and saw defendant and his wife pull the complainant out of the wagonette. They tore his clothes, pulled him on the floor, and knelt on his chest.

The defendant said the story told by the complainant and his witness was an untruthful one. His clothes were torn in the tussle. He admitted he pulled him out of the wagonette, but he owed him 28s for board and lodgings

The defendant’s wife and another woman gave evidence.

Chairman said the defendant had not taken proper course to secure his debt. He would be fined 10s. and ordered to pay the costs, 20s. 6d.