Assault in Cadeby Pit

July 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 01 July 1911

Assault in Cadeby Pit

Matthew Craven, pit corporal, of Earnshaw Ln, Conisbrough, was summoned by James Armshaw, a pony driver, for assault.

The complainant said the assault took place in the number one pick of the Cadeby Colliery. On June 15 witness was engaged in removing empty corves from a pass by into one of the stalls. He was in the act of taking the corves when defendant, was placed over witness asked corporal, stopped him from doing so. The latter told the defendant he was not going to take one call without the other, because one corve was not sufficient to supply the needs of three coalface men.

The defendant thereupon struck witness in the mouth, causing him to lose a day’s work. On the following Friday defendant offered him 5/- two recompense for the loss of the day’s work, but witness refused accept it.

John Purdy, pony driver, spoke to witnessing the assault.

Defendant was fined 10/– and the costs 18/6.