Assault with Spade

May 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 26.

Assault with Spade

In the Doncaster Borough court, on Monday, James Ashton, of Conisborough, said to be a member of an Irishman’s club, which meets in Doncaster, was sent to prison for three months, for committing a violent assault on Robert Butler, of March gate, Doncaster, on Saturday night.

Butler appeared with his head bandaged and stated that he went to the Brown Cow Inn, put a shilling on the table for beer, and went out, and, returning, found that his shilling had been taken, and asked for it.

Thereupon Ashton went out and came back with a spade in his hand, and asked Butler If he meant to say that he had taken the money? Butler replied that he did, and Ashton then knocked him down insensible with the spade and when some of the company were about pick the man up, he said. “Let the – – die,” and threatened to smash the servants’ face for telling what he had done.

He now made several statements, all of which were denied by the servant.

A magistrate said of the assault that it was one of the most cowardly that came before them.