Assaulting a Cyclist at Conisborough

July 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 24 July 1891

Assaulting a Cyclist at Conisborough

James Walton, a trammer, living at Conisborough, was charged with having assaulted George Lee, at Conisborough.

The prisoner, in answer to the charge said,” I am guilty to a certain extent,” and the complainant said, on Sunday, the 12th inst. he was returning home at night from Darfield at about a quarter past ten and had reached Conisborough, when he was attacked by the prisoner. He was then between 400 and 500 yards from the railway station and was in the middle of the highway. There were many foot passengers and amongst them was the prisoner who deliberately left the footpath and with both hands he shoved him off his machine. On

The result was that he fell upon the road and the machine was overturned and damaged. While on the ground the prisoner kicked him four or five times on the left side. When he got up he remonstrated with the man, and told him it was nothing but a cowardly act and that no “man” would have done such a thing.

The prisoner said if you say that I will give you some more.” He repeated it and then got a black eye. The prisoner also knocked him to the ground again. Some passengers helped him up, and he got on his machine and proceeded home as well as he could.

Prisoner: Wasn’t I in the middle of the road ? –No.

Yes I was, and didn’t you run into me with your machine?—No.

You ran into me and then fell and you struck at me.—l was deliberately shoved down and you came from the footpath to do it.

Didn’t you deliberately strike me?—No.

Yes you did and I struck you back.

Alfred Gaunt said he was walking from Conisborough and heard the complainant fall to the ground and when he looked round the two men were ” tussling ” together.

Prisoner : Did you see him strike me?—No.

Daniel Somerville also spoke as to the assault —The complainant said he could bring more witnesses if Dec -scary.

P.c Trueman said when he charged the prisoner with the offence be said ” It’s a lie !” He ran into me with the machine and struck me and I struck him back and gave him something else.”

The prisoner said he could bring four or live witnesses. He had been locked up and he did not know that he could have witnesses

Superintendent Blake said the prisoner had made no request for witness-s.

John Davis, a miner, was called by the prisoner, and he denied that the complainant had told the truth, and said the cyclist had no bell and no light —The complainant denied this.

The prisoner, who had been previously summoned, was fined £2 15.3 d., including costs.