Assaulting and Abusing School Attendance Officer at Conisborough

June 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 3, 1905

Assaulting and Abusing School Attendance Officer at Conisborough

A Conisborough miner, named William Jackson, was summoned by Mr. Walter Maxfield, school attendance officer at Conisborough for having used abusive language towards him, and further with assault, at Conisborough on May 11th

Mr F. Maxfield stated that on the date in question he was near to Dr Craiks surgery, in High Street Conisborough about 2 o’clock, when he saw Jackson, who called to him saying he wanted to see him about a summons he had received for his child not attending regularly school,

He commenced to use abusive language, and as he (complainant) turned to walk away the defendant made as if to strike him, and hit him on the nose with the summons.

It was not a serious assault, but he was instructed by his authority to prosecute.

Mary Ann Wood gave evidence, bearing out this statement

The defendant denied using the abusive language, but admitted having sworn at the complaint, He never struck him.

Alive the Walker, called by defendant, gave evidence practically bearing out the complaint and story.

The Chairman said: “The bench think it’s a scandalous case. Not particularly an account of the violence of the language, are of the violence of the assault. Maxfield is merely doing his duty and he was obliged in the execution of that duty to summon you for not sending your child regularly to school. It is an intolerable thing that a person in such a position should be subject to abuse and assault from persons whom he summoned. I hope that the penalty we shall inflict will be a warning and that you will consider that the man must be protected in the performance of his duty. The cost are rather heavy, and for the abusive language you will be fined 1/– and £1 0s. 6d. costs, and for the two assaults 6/6 costs.”