Assaults and Violent Folk

July 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 7

Alleged Brutal Assault.

On Monday evening, about 9 pm in man named John G Garvin, an insurance agent, whilst proceeding from Conisborough to Mexborough, was attacked by six men and severely handled.

After he had been knocked down, punched, and robbed of eight shillings, a knife and a pen holder, the assailants made off.

The affair has been reported to the police.

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 14.


In the Doncaster police court, Arthur Reiner, Collier, of Conisborough, was sent to prison for a fortnight for having threatened his mother-in-law, and assaulted policeman Day.

On Sunday night he found his mother-in-law laying out is working clothes, and told her he was not going to work the next day.

She said he ought to go, and he held to her a carving knife, and threatened to cut her throat, whereupon his father gave him in charge to Day.

Him he struck with a poker, and before he could be taken to the police station he had to be placed on a wheelbarrow and have his legs tied.

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 11.

Dancing upon a Live Corpse.

Bridgette McCue was said to assaulted Eliza Smith Mires at Denaby on July 25.

Eliza told that they dwelt some distance apart, and that when one night she spoke to Bridget about her husband’s treatment of her she hit her on the head and threw a brick at her, and then, as she now averred, danced upon her corpse.

There seem to have been a terrible row on the occasion, and as alleged, Bridgette pulled Eliza down by the hair on her head.

After the hearing of much evidence, the magistrates ordered her to pay 20 shillings.

Mexborough and Swinton Times Sep 29

Cutting and Wounding a Woman

Henry Robson Mason engaged at Conisbro and lodging in St Sepulchre Gate Doncaster was charged before the borough magistrates on Monday with unlawfully wounding his wife.

Mrs Robinson showed great reluctance in giving evidence against her husband and said she did not wish to press the case.

The bench dealt leniently with the case in the hope that the prisoner and his wife would live more comfortably together in the future and inflicted a fine of 13s including costs.