At the Courts – Conisborough Lodger – Denaby Officer Meant It – Denaby Man’s Query

December 1910

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 3, 1910

Conisborough Lodger Pays

William Jackson, labourer, Conisborough, did not appear to answer a charge of non-compliance with an order for payment of industrial school arrears.

Superintendent Hickes stated that the man owned 14 shillings which had been paid since the summons was served. There was, however, still owing four shillings, the costs of the summons.

The superintendent asked for a week’s adjournment to give Jackson a chance of paying.


Denaby Officer Meant It

William Grocock, miner, of Denaby was drunk and behaving disorderly when PC Rushton caught him on November 14.

When the officer told him he would be reported William said “You don’t mean it, old cock?”

The fine imposed was half a guinea.

John Donald, timekeeper of Denaby was similarly dealt with.

Denaby Man’s Query

“Didn’t it shock you, you —-?” Inquired George Wathey, a Denaby miner, of PC Rushton, when the officer on Monday week told him he mustn’t use obscene language.

Wathey was reported, but as it was his first appearance they only fined him 15 shillings