Attack On Wife At Conisbro’

February 1899

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 14 February 1899

Attack On Wife At Conisbro’

At the West Riding Court, Doncaster, yesterday, James McNicholas, collier, New Conisbro, was charged with unlawfully wounding Annie McNicholas (his wife) at Conisbro’, on Sunday night.

It appeared that Police-constable Evans was called into prisoner’s house at 11.40 on Sunday night, and found the wife bleeding very much from the face and head. She had a cut underneath the nostril, and a wound on the left side of the head near the ear. The wounds had been stitched by a doctor.

She said her husband had struck her with knife across the face, and then knocked her down and kicked her the side of the head.

Prisoner was bleeding from the head, and said his wife had struck him with the poker.

She said, “Yes, I did, but was in self-defence Prisoner was apprehended, and charged, and replied “What I did I was provoked to do. She called nasty names, and I struck her in the face, not thinking I had a knife in hand. She then struck me with the poker, and I knocked her down and kicked her in my temper.’’ The doctor had stitched up his wounds.

Prisoner said he had nothing to say, and that the officer had stated what was right. He was remanded until Saturday.