Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

February 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 12th 1897

Attempted suicide at Conisborough

On Saturday morning a man named Herbert Laughton, living in “the lightnings,” and who has for some years past been engaged as foreman of the warehouse at Messrs. Kilner Bros. Glassworks, attempted to commit suicide by drowning.

It appears that some few weeks ago he was compelled to relinquish his work owing to ill health and take advantage of the aid of one of the friendly societies. Since then his health has fluctuated, but he has never sufficiently recovered to resume work, and this seems to have preyed upon his mind to cause a temporary aberration of mind in which he committed the rash act.

He was rescued from the river by some boatmen passing at the time and conveyed to his home.

Much sympathy is expressed towards him and his family, being a model work men and highly respected.