Attempted Suicide at Conisborough.

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 9.

Attempted Suicide at Conisborough.

Samuel Hulse, miner, of Conisborough, was charged in custody with having attempted to commit suicide at Conisborough on 19 July.

Superintendent Blake said the prisoner, on 19 July, returned home rather the worse for drink, and told his wife that he had lost his money.

Prisoner went into the kitchen and cut his throat with a razor.

His wife, with the assistance of a neighbour, took the razor from him, and he was removed to Doncaster Infirmary, where he had been detained until that date.

The two sovereigns which he was supposed to have lost were afterwards found in the lining of his vest.

The Chairman said that if he would promise to keep off drink, they would bind him over in five pounds for six months.

The prisoner was thereupon bound over.