Conisbro CC – Conisborough 73 Rotherham 59 for 6

16 August 1901

Mexvxborogh & Swinton Times August 16, 1901

Conisborough 73  Rotherham 59 for 6

Relieved from the strain of league cricket for a little while, the Conisborough first-team entertained an 11 representing Rotherham, captained by W.M. Gichard

 The home captain, the reverent W.A. Strawbridge, won the toss, and after some hesitation decided to send his own side in first. The Rotherham bowler Bedford scattered Linithan´s stumps with the first ball. R. Field and H.J. Sharpe then became associated. They batted steadily until 20 was reached when Green bowled Field.

A series of disasters followed until Conisborough were 31 for five. Sharp had scored 15 when Hardy joined him. Runs came more rapidly until 60 was brought up. At this total Hardy ducked to avoid a full toss from Gichard, but the ball hit the end of his bat and leapt into Charlesworth´s hands.

The whole side were out for 73 and Sharpe´s score was 28 not out. He had batted over two hours and never seemed the least in danger.

The match closed with Rotherham at 59 for six the game ending in a draw.