Death of Mr William Goodlad

August 1877

Mexborough & Swinton TimesĀ  August 3

Sudden death of Mr William Goodlad

A gloom was cast over the whole of Conisbrough on Monday evening by intelligence of the sudden death of Mr William Goodlad, farmer.

Mr Goodlad had been engaged in the hay field and did not feel well during the day. But being anxious to forward the haymaking, he persisted in remaining in the field. Gradually growing worse, he was reluctantly compelled to enter a cart for the purpose of being conveyed home and securing medical advice.

From the time of the getting into the cart till his arrival at Conisbrough he grew quickly worse and on the arrival of Mr Breedie, Dr Hills assistant, he was pronounced to be dying. The cause of death was heart disease.

Mr Goodlad was 60 years of age and leaves a widow and eight children. He was highly respected in the village and acted as under Steward for Mr Montague, Melton Hall.

Being a very old and well-known inhabitant of Conisbrough, his very sad and sudden demise has caused a feeling of great regret.