Serious Accident and Burglary at the Glass works

August 1877

Mexborough & Swinton Times August 3, 1877

Serious accident

On Monday morning shortly after six o’clock, a girl named Brook, aged 15 years, met with a very serious accident while engaged at Mr Kilner´s glass works.

The girl stumbling in some manner, had her hand caught by some chain machinery near her, the result being that forefinger and fleshy part of the right hand was fearfully lacerated, and the bones jellified.

Dr Hiils found amputation of part of the hand necessary and with his assistant performed the operation.

Burglary at the Glass Works Cottages

During the night of Friday last the house of Henry Johnston, a workman at Messrs Kilner Brothers Works was broken into, and various articles of wearing apparel and jewellery, together with monies abstracted therefrom.

Two persons have since been apprehended on suspicion, one of them wearing a portion of the stolen property when apprehended.