Denaby & Cadeby – Aug 9 – Denaby 84 for 7 Hickleton 79 – “Crick” Smith’s benefit.

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 9.

“Crick” Smith’s benefit. 

Denaby win easily.

Denaby 84 for 7 Hickleton 79

The much look forward to match is over, and Denaby are again, the leaders of the league by one point. “Crick” Smith also will have benefited considerably from this match. A good crowd of spectators assembled on the new ground of the Denaby club, and expecting great things of them beneficiare, and he did not disappoint them altogether.

Hickleton won the toss and their innings closed eventually for 79.

The Denaby innings was opened by Smith and Walter Robinson. The pro opened out, and sent Beckett to the boundary for four, and then for a couple. The score at eight, Smith was bowled by Beckett. Luther Robinson partnered his brother and the scoring went on in an easy way until it reached 29 when W Robinson was out leg before wicket. A Robinson partnered L Robinson and signalled his arrival by putting Beckett to the boundary for four.

A Robinson was bowled with the score at 74, his 24 having been of immense service to his side. The necessary runs were easily knocked off and Denaby had won by three wickets.