Awards For Rescue Attempt (picture)

March 1969

South Yorkshire Times March 1, 1969

Awards For Rescue Attempt

Coun. D. Thompson, Chairman of Swinton Urban Council on Wednesday presented Royal Humane Society awards to five people for their efforts in trying to save a Kilnhurst man. Mr Eric Nota (22), who was drowned in a local tip pond.

Among the five were Mr Nota’s brother Fred (19), who now lives in Balby Street, Denaby, and Mr. Nota’s 15 years old girl friend, Margaret Wharam, of Hirstgate. Mexborough. Miss Sandra Marshall (19). also of Balby Street, Denaby, and two Rawmarsh policemen, P.c.s. Gerard Joyce and Wilfred Tomlinson, were also presented with the Society’s Testimonial

Coun. D. Thompson, Chairman of Swinton Urban Council, congratulates Sandra Marshall, Margaret Wharam, P.c. G. M. Joyce, P.c. W. Tomlinson and Fred Notar on Wednesday, when he presented the Royal Humane Society’s Testimonials to them for their part in the attempted rescue of a man from drowning in June, 1968.