Backyard Squabble – Denaby Neighbours Bound Over.

January 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 01 January 1932

Backyard Squabble.

Denaby Neighbours Bound Over.

A backyard squabble at Denaby on December 11th had a sequel at Doncaster on Wednesday when Amelia Cooper summoned Ethel Borne for assault.

Ethel Burns cross-summoned, Joseph Cooper was summoned by Margaret Earp for using threats, and Martha J. Sharpies was summoned by Margaret Earp for assault.

All the persons concerned reside in Wadworth Street, Denaby. Amelia Cooper said she was standing at her door at 10.30 a.m. on the date in question when following a disagreement with Mrs. Burns the latter hit her on the bead with a broom. The blow split her head open and she had to have seven stitches inserted.

Ethel Burns, who described the scene as being “like a riot,” admitted striking Mrs. Cooper but said she did it in self-defence.

Margaret Earp who said she was the daughter of Mrs. Burns, said about half an hour after the trouble she was sitting in her house when Joseph Cooper came in with an iron bar in his band and threatened to cut her head off and break her back. Mrs. Sharpies came in at the same time with a brush and scratched witness’s lace and bruised her knuckles.

Cooper said he never used threats to Mrs. Earp in his life. He went to the house to find out what had been done to his wife. He admitted having a poker in his hand at the time.

Martha Sharpies said she went into Mrs. Earp’s home to get Cooper out. She said to him ‘Don’t bother with her.” Mrs. Earp picked up a plate to throw at Cooper and witness knocked it out of her hand.

All concerned in the case were bound over for a year and Mrs Burns was fined £2.