Conisbrough Rent Increases

April 1950

South Yorkshire Times April 15, 1950

Conisbrough Rent Increases

The “South Yorkshire Times” learned fast night that it is expected that notices to informing the Conisbrough Urban Council’s 600 Council house tenants informing them of the Council’s intention to increase their rent by 7d. per week would be issued about April 22nd to take effect from Monday, May 1st.

The Council have been compelled to take this step in order to improve the financial position of their Housing Maintenance Fund.

” The increase in the rents is due to the increase in the number and cost of repairs,” an official said last night.

On March 31st, 1939, there was a balance in hand on the Fund of £3,008, but this figure has now fallen to an estimated balance of £963. Based on an income of £4 10s. per house the income for the present year would have been £2,600, but the estimated expenditure is £3,500, a rising cost due to several factors, and the Council have been obliged to make the call in respect of each house £6 per year, equal to an increase in rent of 7d. per week per house.

In a report to the Council, the Surveyor (Mr. A. W. R. Taylor) stated that at last year’s allocation of £4 10s. per house the Housing Maintenance Fund would soon be exhausted.

Works still outstanding consist of 70 house footpaths, 60 gates required, four house to be re-roofed and the conversion of 30 hot water systems.