“Bag-Muck” Strike – Recalled By Retirement of Denaby Midwife

December 1937

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 28 December 1937

“Bag-Muck” Strike
Recalled By Retirement of Denaby Midwife

Denaby’s celebrated “Bag Muck”’ Strike of 1903 is recalled by the retirement of Nurse Margaret Anne Hadfield, Strafforth terrace, Denaby at the age 72. She was Denaby’s first certified midwife.

Mrs, Hadfield told the “Daily Independent’* that during the “Bag-Muck” strike, tenants living the ground floor houses Denaby were evicted, but those in the second storeys were allowed to remain

Mrs. Hadfleld, who during her 38 years’ service a midwife attended 4,211 confinements, worked during the strike without receiving remuneration, as mothers had no funds with which to pay.

“I should have hated to see them die.” she said. “I was the only certified midwife in Denaby, and mothers relied on me to save them. It was during those times that I received most of training-by hard experience.