Bargains at Whitaker’s (advert)

October 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 26 October 1900

Bargains at Whitaker’s.

The Pawnbroker, Denaby Main.


A Large Stock of Blankets, Sheets , Counterpanes, Bed Ticks, Shawls,
Room Carpets, Hearthrugs, Tapestry Rugs
, etc., at prices to suit everyone.

See Windows at J. Whitaker’s the Pawnbroker, Denaby Main

Gent’s Silver Alberts, stamped every link, from 4/11 d. to 19s. 6d,
at J. Whitaker’s, the Pawnbroker, Denaby Main.

Men’s Pit Trousers Special value. 2/11 per pair.

Our Lucky Gold Wedding Rings from 4/11 to 10/6.
Guinea Gold Wedding Rings from 10/6 to 21/-
A present given with each, at J. Whitaker’s, Denby Main.

Ladies Silver Alberts from 3111 10/3, at Whitaker’s, the Jeweller. Denaby Main