Batch of Denaby Gamesters.

October 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 08 October 1910

Batch of Denaby Gamesters.

20 miners and one pugilist, practically all of them hailing from Denaby, were fined sums ranging from half-a-,-crown to half-a-sovereign for gaming with coins at Denaby on Sunday week.

Two Denaby colliers, William Gough and Charles -Wright, charged with aiding and abetting the gamesters -were fined 5/- and costs each.

Only one defendant, Vernon Shooter (16), of New Conisboro, the youngest of the lot, appeared. He got off with 2/6 and costs.

The batch included Tommy Stokes, pugilist, of New Conisboro were against whom 15 previous convictions were recorded. He had half-a-sovereign to pay. The other defendants were: F. Brammer, W Goskitt, J. Farrell, W. Moss, G. Gibson, J. Magnall, H. Roberts, P. McDermott, J. McDermott, R. McDermott, W Harris, J. Wright, J. Stevens, J. Dugan G. Whitehead, W. Bell, all of Denaby; S. Price Meiboro’ W. Dunstan, Swinton, and D. Walton, New Conisboro’.

It was P.c. Glithro who made the haul. He, with Inspector Fairburn and P.c. Middleton was concealed near the canal bridge  at Denaby where they had a good view of their men. When the officers left their hiding place, Wright and Gough shouted “look out” to the others, but there was no way for the coin spinners, also that the game was up. If they went one way they would be trespassing on colliery premises; the canal bad them on another side, and the officers were at the other “exit”.