Beer In Jugs At Conisbrough

June 1968

South Yorkshire Times June 29, 1968

Beer In Jugs At Conisbrough

Landlords In parts of Conisbrough and Denaby developed a thirst last Thursday—thanks to a power failure.

When a high voltage cable failure at Denaby caused a, 25 minute power cut, landlords of pubss with modern meter pumps were forced to carry beer up from their cellars in jugs.

Mr. Bill Turner. of the Lord Conyers Hotel at Conisbrough said: “It is a good job it did not last any longer — I was getting a bigger thirst than the customers, bringing beer up the cellar steps in gallon jugs.

An electricity board spokesman said that the cut was caused by the failure of a high voltage cable at Denaby. ‘The supply to parts of Denaby and central Conisbrough was off for about 25 minutes’ he said.