Benefit Concert at Conisborough for Blind Sunday School Student

April 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 15, 1905

Benefit Concert at Conisborough

On Thursday evening a benefit concern to provide the beneficiare, W Hawler (a student at the Sunday school, who is totally blind), with sufficient money to complete learning the trade of basket making.

The room was crowded, and the items were frequently applauded.

Mr George Appleyard presided.

Miss N Button give a fine rendering of “Tit for Tat.”
Miss L Smith elocutionary powers were well portrayed in “That’s a fact”
Master Hargreaves was in fine voice that was oncored for the song, “Dream of paradise,” responding with the “Holy City.”
He also sang “Abide with me.” In good style.
Mr W Hawler (the beneficiare) sang “True, true till death,” and Mr Woodcock was remarkably good in “Home, sweet home.”
Mr E Booth, convulsed the audience with his humorous song, “The grass widow.”
Miss S Clarkson’s pleasing voice was heard to full advantage in “Mayday morn”; and “Sons of the Motherland” (by Mr J Ryan), was well received.
Miss Kerry Turnbull’s voice was fine in ”Killarney.”

The committee responsible for the arrangements were Messrs J Brocklesby, W Ellis, G.Gurney, W Downing, G Gelder, J Cummings, and R Wilson. Mrs George Brocklesby was treasurer, and Mr Alf Killingsworth was the courteous secretary.
Proceeds £7.