Benefit Concert at Denaby – Young Kentucky Minstrels

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times. March 4th, 1905.

Benefit Concert at Denaby.

The large hall was crowded on Tuesday evening with enthusiastic audience, on the occasion of the Mexboro’. ‘Young Kentucky Minstrels’ giving a benefit concert to the father of the well-known local baritone, Tom Oldfield.

Mr. Gibbs gave the use of the room free of cost, and it is expected that a ten pound note will be handed over to the beneficiary. Mr. Horace Hillerby, the general manager of the troupe, stated at the opening that in any deserving case brought before their notice the troupe would only be too glad to give a concert in aid.

Messrs. Hillerby, Johnson, Breeze, and Ellen were the corner men, and T. Oldfield was centre-main, and the jokes thrown about by these artistes fairly convulsed the audience. Mr. Ellard was musical director and accompanist.

Programme: Opening chorus, ‘March Onward,’ Troupe: song and dance, ‘Darkey Millionaire,’ Mr. Allen; song and dance, ‘Lonesome C–n,’ Mr. Chas. Allen; song, ‘Asthore,’ Mr. T Oldfield; whistling song, ‘Amanda,’ Mr. Bendelow; song, ‘Bull and Bush,’ Mr. Hor. Hillerby; song’ ‘Blue Ball,’ Mr. Dean; song, ‘ Eileen Alannah,’ Mr. T Oldfield; sketch, ‘Married Life,’ Bros. Knockup; song, ‘Kentucky home,’ Mr. Bendelow; song, ‘The old man came home sober,’ Mr. Johnson; clog dance, Mr. Chas. Allen; song, ‘Old Folks at home,’ Mr. T. Oldfield; song Miss White; song, ‘You can’t stop people from thinking,’ Miss White; song, ‘Molly Malone,’ Allen; song, ‘Summer flowers,’ Mr. Parr; violin solo, ‘Bells,’ Mr. Johnson; song, ‘The Desert,’ Mr. T. Oldfield; stump speech, ‘Animals,’ Mr. H. Hillerby; song, ‘What for?’ Mr. C. Corwood; song, ‘Bandolero,’ Mr. T. Oldfield.