Best Station between Doncaster and Manchester

June 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 15, 1888

Notes From Conisbro’

A contemporary gives the following, which is worth reproducing :—” I suppose this is a good-sized town,” said a gentleman as we passed through the railway station at Conisborough. The supposition was of course far from accurate, the population around the castle ruins only numbering about 3000 and I explained this.

The stranger said the extent of the station made him think so, and certainly looking at the broad and extensive platform on either side of the “up and down ” lines, his supposition was excusable.

He would have conceived Conisborough to be for more insignificant village had he seen the former railway premises, which have only very recently razed to the ground. The improvement has been made none too soon, on account of the thousands of excursionists who swarm to the place at holiday times, and especially as I understand this station will be needed in the future for the collection of tickets on race days, the platform at Hexthorpe being done away with in consequence of the great disaster there.

Conisborough is now said to be the best station between Doncaster and Manchester.