Better Off When Not At Work.

February 1966

South Yorkshire Times February 5,1966

Better Off When Not At Work.

Note:  Names have been changed

Applaying for legal aid on the grounds that he was not working, a miner accused of theft, admitted at Barnsley on Wednesday that he was receiving £15 a week while off injured.

James Colley (35), father of five, of Chestnut Grove, Conisbrough, said that when working at Cadeby Colliery, he earned £11 13s. A week less stoppages.

His present income was made up of £10 10s., unemployment and National Assistance £1 18s. family allowance, and £2 14s.’ disability pay for and injured knee.

He was granted legal aid and the case, in which he is accused of jointly stealing with some person unknown, five cwts of scrap copper cable, worth £64 from a Penistone firm, was adjourned.

Colley said he wished to be tried by a jury.

In answer to Mr. Norman Jarrett, assistant magistrates’ clerk, who said, ‘You are better off not working than working? Colley replied, ‘Yes, Sir’. He added that the doctor said he was not fit to work.