Betting at Denaby – End of a Bad Season.

November 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 28 November 1930

Betting at Denaby.

End of a Bad Season.

Two Denaby men, Joseph Barnes, bookmaker and George Frederick Steadman pleaded “Guilty” at Doccaster on Tuesday to using number 10 Cusworth Street, Denaby, for purposes of betting.

Mr. B. Kenyon, prosecuting, said the house had been watched on numerous occasions and a number of people bad been seen to enter. On November 1st the police raided the house and found a quantity of betting material.

P.s.Huck spoke to raiding the house on November 1st. The police entered by the back door and found a number of betting slips in the kitchen relating to bets in races at Alexandra Park. Thirsk, and Manchester, and £3 in cash. Barnes, when charged said he wished they could catch the other.

In reply to Mr. A. B. Purities, defending, witness said he did not know before the raid that Barnes was a registered bookmaker. The police did not keep a record. Mr. Furniss said the raid took place within 12 hours of the Act expiring. Actually, on the day of the raid it was not necessary for the bookmaker to be licensed. This man was one of the unfortunate people who had been registered right up to the day of the raid. The only question was whether the Bench would give some indication of what they intended to do in future or whether they would do what they had done in the past. It had been an unfortunate season for the defendant and he was willing to give an undertaking not to carry on more.

The chairman (Mr. G. Cooke Yarborough), saying they would deal with this case on its merits, fined each of the defendants 40s.

John William Prince, bookmaker, of 20, Chambers Avenue, Denaby, was charged before the Doncaster West Riding magistrates on Tuesday with using his house for betting.

Defendant admitted he was the occupier of the house but denied using it for betting.

Mr. B. Kenyon, prosecuting, said that on October 29th observations were kept on the premises in Chambers Avenue by the police tor three hours and during that time persons entered the house. On October 30th the police kept observations for two hours and saw 62 persons enter the house. Observations were again kept on October 31st and 61 persons were seen to enter the house. The police raided the house on November 1st and found material relating to betting.

P.c. Thompson said when the police raided the house they found defendant in the kitchen. They found betting slips and money on a sideboard in the room. When the warrant was read defendant said it was quite right.

P.c. Dobson corroborated. P.s. Wall spoke to taking part in the raid. Defendant and his wife were in the kitchen. They found £2 14s 6d. in a cash box on the sideboard. They also found betting slips and football coupons. On the kitchen table were three sporting papers of that day’s date. When charged, defendant said “That is right. You might have let us go to the end of the year.”

Defendant was fined £5.