Big Extension Scheme – Conisborough Isolation Hospital Precepts

November 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 20, 1936

Big Extension Scheme
Conisborough Isolation Hospital Precepts

At the monthly meeting of the Doncaster and Mexborough joint hospital board at the Isolation Hospital, Conisborough on Wednesday, estimates prepared in connection with the extensions and alterations to the hospital, amounting to about £55,000 were received, and on the suggestion of Mrs GN paling (Armthorpe) was agreed that a committee should interview the architect and engineer and discuss the estimates with them.

It was agreed that the committee should consist of Mrs ME Ringrose (Bentley), Mr W Cranfield (Adwick le Street), Mr R.J. Troughton (Conisborough) Mr GR Granderson (Doncaster Rural Council), Mr CA Williams (Thurnscoe), Mr J Harrop (Mexborough) and a representative to be invited from the Thorn Rural Council. Home

It was reported by the clerk (Mr Bowers) that he had informed the Commanding Officer at the RAF station at thrillingly that patients would be received by the Board from the station on the assumption that there would be contributions in lieu of rates.

When questions were raised on staff conditions, it was deciding on the motion Mrs Paling Institute a House Committee to assist the organisation of the hospital, it was agreed that the committee should consist of Mesdames Paling and ME Ringrose and Messrs Cranfield and Troughton.

The clerk reported that in order to enable the Board to go forward with the inclusion of Thorne Rural District Council as a constituent authority was necessary that the present constituent authority should part resolutions concurring with the Board’s previous decision to include Thorne.

The clerk said he received a reply from Conisborough Urban Council stating that while they agreed with the admittance of Thorne the base of representation, they still felt that the basis of contribution should be altered, and suggested that the Board should establish the basis of contributions on the rateable value or alternatively on the Registrar General half yearly estimates of population and not the 1931 Census.

It was pointed out that the Conisborough Council were present at the conference of constituted authorities when the decisions were agreed upon, and the Clerk mentioned that a final agreement was necessary, and there were two alternatives, as they were to accept the minority request from Conisborough to inform Thorne because of the refusal of one constituent authority to agree the Board would be unable to admit them as a constituent body.

Members protested that Conisborough gratitude make going of the old ground again, the clerk was instructed to reply to Conisborough pointing out the situation.

The monthly report of the medical superintendent (Dr WJ McClure) show that last month there were 40 admissions, 13 being of scarlet fever, 25 of diphtheria and two of cerebrospinal fever there were 38 discharges and one death, leaving in hospital at the end of the month 41 patients, 18 being scarlet fever cases and 22 diphtheria cases.

The following precepts for the half year were levied on the constituent authorities: Doncaster Rural Council £1693, Mexborough £525, Thurnscoe £333, Bentley £632, Adwick le Street £534 and Conisborough £722.