Big Haul of Gamblers at Conisbro’

December 1899

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 22, 1899

Big Haul of Gamblers at Conisbro’

No less than 23 persons were summoned for gambling with coins by tossing at Conisbro’ on Sunday afternoon, the 10th inst.

Their names were as under: John Gough, bookmaker; Arthur Machin, Filler; Joseph Peters, miners, all of New Conisbrough

Thomas Ready and John Fitcher, fillers of Denaby; George Thompson miner and Arthur Sudworth, pony driver of New Conisbro; John Shelton, miner, Denaby; Abraham Cranage, filler, Richard Baxter, miner, John Dalton, miner, Nathan Perry, filler, Henry Peyton, miner, John Blondon, miner, Robert Rotherham, Labourer, Daniel Jevons, miner, Henry Fuller, pony driver, George Gibbs, filler, John Brown, pony driver, Robert Lawrence, pony driver, Robert Sudworth, pony driver, William Cranage, pony driver and Joseph Jones, pony driver.

Three of the defendants, William Cranage, Abraham Cranage and Nathan Penny appeared and pleaded guilty. There were each fined five shillings and 5/6 costs.

Police constable Weller told the court on the day in question about 3:40 PM he was hiding behind a hedge, when he saw all the defendants tossing coins, and money change hands.

Police Sergeant Brown, who was with the last witness, gave corroborative evidence.

None of the other defendants appeared.

Gough were previously convicted was fined 40 shillings and the costs; Machin, Peters, Ready, Fletcher, Thompson, Sudworth, Shelton, Wagstaffe, Dutton and Fuller were each fined five shillings and 5/6 costs and the remainder of the defendants had to pay 2/6 and the costs.