Black Eyes Before Marriage -Husband’s Admissions – Man Scarcely Ever Sober.

November 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 26 November 1910

Black Eyes Before Marriage.

Denaby Husband’s Admissions

Man who was Scarcely Ever Sober.

A drunken husband has made the life of Mrs. Kate Humphries, of Denaby, anything but a happy one. There was not she told the Donesater West Riding Bench on Saturday, a better husband anywhere if he kept off the drink, but he liked “boozing.” and the redder his nose became, the more unhappy and unbearably her lot. The couple are both old enough to know better, this being Mrs Humphries second experiment in matrimony. She had a child from her first marriage.

The case came before Mr. G.B.C. Yarborough (Chairman), Mr. W. W. Warde-Aldam. Mr. J. C. Coulman, Mr. W. Russell well. Dr. Martin and Mr. M. Cole.

The couple were married nearly two years ago, Kate being then a widow, but owing to Joe’s persistent cruelty she now applied for a separation order, with maintenance against him.

Two Black Eyes

Mrs Humphries, who would be anything between 35 and 40, stepped into the witness box bearing the relics of two black eyes. She told the court that since she became Mrs Joseph Humphries her home and kept rubbing it into her. During the honeymoon she got more kicks than kisses. (Laughter) On Saturday night Joseph came home “boozed”, blacked her eyes and bashed her teeth out. She bore the mark still. A month ago he gave her one in the side. One day, six months ago, he was pummelling her on the floor and

Would Have Killed Her

but for the arrival PC Lockwood and PC Rutter. Altogether she had been assaulted by hubby, she told Mr Yarborough, more times than she could keep note of

Mr W Baddeley (defending): Do you mean to say that?

Witness said she was afraid when he was drunk, because she daren’t stop in the house then. She admitted returning to him on Sunday morning. Until Sunday night, she wanted to have another night under the old roof. In any case he was sober on Sunday and she loved him and then.

Does he often get drunk? Inquired Mr Baddiley – “Only about three or four times a week,” was the response. He could not attend to his business then, but when sober he gave her a pound a week, never less than 16 or 18 shillings. By the “magistrates orders” she was now living next door, as she didn’t want to go far away from

Poor Old Joe.

Mr Baddeley asked if she was willing to return provided Joe promised not to get the worse for drink again?

Kate said she wouldn’t as it was impossible to keep him off it.

Mr Baddeley: Is the magistrates adjourned the case for a month we will give him a chance to see how he does in the meantime?

The Chairman: We have no intention of adjourning the case like this, when a woman comes into court with black eyes. It will be settled one way or another today.

“Kiss Me Love”

Mrs Bradburn, who lives next door to the parties, said Mrs Humphries was in a “Chronicle” condition owing to Joe’s treatment. She spoke to the assault on Saturday night, and to hearing screams one night six months ago, when he was kicking her on the floor. Witness said cause Don’t Joe,” and he said, “Kiss me, love,” but witness wouldn’t. Joe was a nice man when sober, but very cool when drunk. Unfortunately was scarcely ever sober. (Laughter)

Agnes Hunter, another name saw Kate with black eyes, swollen breast, cut nose, and other injuries on several occasions, “Owd Joe” be responsible for all.

Mr Baddeley said his client admitted the assault on Saturday night, but he was drunk and very vexed because she would come to bed. No doubt she acted wisely not going there, but the man was drunk and did not know what he was doing. He had never assaulted her before.

In the box Humphries bore out this statement. He let her have it on Saturday night, because he was tired of waiting for her to come up, but you never touched her till this occasion, not since they were married.

Black Eyes before Marriage

Mr Baddeley: Did you assault her then? – Humphries: many a time, she has never had black eye since. He never got drunk when he was working.

Kate: You are false, Joe. You gave me many a dozen black eyes.

Defendant: Aye, and I’ll give thee more owd lass. (Laughter).

It was stated that on present £1.13s 6d a week, and he will have to give Kate 10 shillings of this in future.

The chairman told defendant that the bench believed he had been ill treating his wife a considerable period, entirely owing to drink.

If Humphries had been summoned for the assault he would undoubtedly have been sent to prison.