Blizzard Sweeps The Country – Waggonette Overturned

February 1908

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 24 February 1908

Blizzard Sweeps The Country.
Enormous Devastation in All Parts.
Churches Suffer Severely.

Mexborough and District
The Market Partially Wrecked; Waggonette Overturned.

At Mexborough the Urban Council’a electricity sheds were badly damaged, and confusion prevailed in the Market Place, where the wooden stalls were blown about like footballs, nearly 60 being smashed into splinters.

Midway between Mexborough and Denaby a sensational incident caused much excitement. John Smith, driver in the employ of Mr. Charlesworth, cab proprietor, Mexborough, was driving a pair-horsed venicle between the places mentioned, and was proceeding over the tollbar bridge, wooden erection spanning the canal, almost at the junction of Mexborough and Denaby and the terminus for the Mexborough when the wind with tremendous power caught the wagonette and tossed it bodily to the ground, smashing it into bits.

Fortunately there were no passengers in the conveyance, but the driver sustained injuries of a severe character, necessitating his removal to Dr. Huly’s surgery. He now lies in a serious condition.

When the vehicle was thrown over the horses bolted, and in their flight they knocked down an electric standard.

They were eventually captured in the vicinity of the Denaby Collieries