Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Scunthorpe United 10 – Bombardment – Might of a Leading Pacemaker.

6 January 1939

South Yorkshire Times, January 6.

Denaby get the Full Might of a Leading Pacemaker.

Denaby United 0 Scunthorpe United 10

A Denaby defence, which was but a shadow of that of last season was completely overrun by the full might of Scunthorpe United forward line on Monday, and Denaby experienced what was easily their heaviest defeat of the season.

But there is a consolation that the Scunthorpe halves and forwards were in well nigh irresistible form; certainly the Denaby defence after the first half-hour looked capable of weathering the almost continuous storm.

The visitors revelled on the heavy and muddy pitch, which suited their style of play in much the same way as similar conditions suit Sheffield United.

Ideal Combination.

The team is an ideal combination of experience and skill, youth and vigour. The players in the first category were outstanding until the heavy going took its toll, and after that with the strength of physique of the younger members of the team Scunthorpe well on top. Denaby, on the other hand, were completely overcome by the conditions; not a member of the side was able to judge his passes with any accuracy, and the weight of the ball prevented the full backs make sufficiently long takes to keep Scunthorpe at bay for any length of time.

Outstanding men.

The outstanding men on the field were the visitors inside forwards, Nightingale and Fleetwood, the former Denaby favourite. They were ever doing retrieving work in midfield, making choice passes to their colleagues, and yet were always well up with play, ready to take any scoring chance that came their way.

The game consisted chiefly of a struggle between the Denaby defence and the visiting forwards, but Clooney in the Scunthorpe goal, was more than once called upon to save in daring fashion actually, had Denaby taken all their chances. They should have had about four goals; but had Scunthorpe done the same, their score would have reached an amazing total.

Denaby record to date:

Played 20
Won 1
Drawn 2
Lost 17
Goals For 21
Goal Against 88.