“Bounce Ball” at Conisborough

May 1902

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 9, 1902

“Bounce Ball” at Conisborough

John Petit Peplow, Frank Wood, Phyllis, Joseph Grundy, pony drivers, New Conisborough, were summoned for throwing a ball to the danger of the public, at Conisborough on 17 April.

PC Barnett said on the day named he was on duty in Loversall Street, New Conisborough, where he found all the defendants in company with other roughs playing “Bounce Ball”. He saw all the defendants bounce the ball against the wall, and they also ran across the street, shouting and swearing, and generally behaving in a very disorderly manner

Numerous complaints have been received from various property owners and foot passengers on account of these gangs of roughs.

Each defendant was fined 5s and costs.