Boxing At Denaby – A Disappointing Venture

August 1922

Penistone, Stocksbridge and Hoyland Express – Saturday 26 August 1922

Boxing At Denaby.

A Disappointing Venture

There was another display of boxing on Denaby United football around on Monday ‘night, but, to the disappointment of the Promoter, Tom Stokes, who is working in assocation with the Denaby United Football Club in arranging these contests, there was a poor attendance and, in consequence, the programme was cut down.

The enterprise was sufficiently advertised, and a little more attention to this detail would no doubt produced more satisfactory results. It wass intended that the principal bout should be one of 15 rounds between Percy Callidine from Mexborough, and Sunny Crofts, of Rotherham, both well-known local boxers, but, for the reason stated, the contest was cut down to a 6 round bout in which little interest was taken. The men boxed briskly all the way, and there was nothing to choose between them. Iron Hague, who refereed, declared a draw.

The same decision was reached in the opening eon’ test between Johnny Rawson, of Denaby Main: who formerly achieved some reputation, but has not, boxed for some years, add Ernie Bicknell, a stocky youth from Edlington, who likely to train on into a serviceable craftsman. Neither man, however, was in very good condition, and the pace slowed down front the second round. The opening round was exhilarating, and Rawson had the best of it, Bicknell took punishment well and soon had Rawson in difficulties but was unable to push his advantage home.

In the remaining bout, a six-round affair between Phil Walters of Mexborough, and Davies, of Denaby, the boxing of the evening was seen. Walters was very fit and also had the advantage of experience, but Davies was game and clever, and made a good fight of it. Tommy Stokes, who refereed this contest, gave the decision to Walters, and there was general agreement with the verdict.