Boxing at Denaby Main – Home Guard Beat R.A.F.

May 1941

Mexborough& Swinton Times May 17

Home Guard Beat R.A.F
Boxing at Denaby Main

Training and other duties do not give personnel of the Home Guard much time for recreation, but the local Battalion had a lively respite on Monday when they met a team from an R.A.F. Unit in a series of boxing bouts at the Baths Hall, Denaby.  The contests were arranged by permission of Lt-Col. J. B. Keats, M.C.

The R.A.F., brilliant when it comes to shooting down Huns were (in this instance at any rate), not so good at boxing.  Out of ten bouts the Home Guard won eight.  This was surprising, for judging from appearances the R.A.F. seemed to be the better trained men.  The Home Guard men were however the more experienced fighters.  The boxing reached a high standard, and the many spectators (the hall was crowded), had good value for their money.

Pte. M. Shaw (H.G.), beat A/C Carroll, the latter being disqualified for a low punch.  Shaw, although the smaller of the two was the cleverer boxer.  Repeated attacks with the left sufficed to give A/C  Toomes a win on points over Pte. J. Whitehead (H.G.)  Holding resulted in A/C Newsome being disqualified in his fight with Pte. J. Taylor (H.G.).  A/C Bennett gained an easy victory over Pte. F. L. Botwood, who was knocked out in the second round.  Bennett was the more experienced boxer and often had his opponent in trouble.

The bout between Pte. C. Shingler (H.G.) and Corpl. Burd lasted about 30 seconds, the latter being knocked out with a terrific punch to the side of the head.  Pte. R. Oldfield (H.G.) beat A/C Reece on points.  There was little to choose between the boxers, both giving a good show.  Pte. C Townsend (H.G.)  made good use of his weight against A/C Youens and won on points.  Experience and good use of the ring enabled Pte. F. Oldfield to beat Corpl. Vear on points.  Although the older of the two, Oldfield was very quick on his feet.  Sergt. Barras beat A/C. Frampton and Pte. Hardy beat A/C Edwards.

Cups were awarded to the winners and medals to the losers. These being presented by Group Captain Foden, A.F.C.