Boxing – Military Tournament at Denaby

November 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 28, 1925


Military Tournament at Denaby

At the Drill Hall, Denaby, on Saturday night a boxing tournament was held by the “B” (Denaby) Company of the fifth Battalion K.O.Y.L.I. The event was poorly supported.

Good exhibitions were seen and T Edwards of Mexborough, gave the outstanding display. Tall and with a good reach, he gave promise of going further in boxing. Throughout Edwards had the measure of his opponent, Barnes was groggy by the end of the third round. In the fourth Edwards won easily by a knockout.

A 10 rounds contest between Sgt Wood (Conisbrough) and R Ritson (Doncaster), opened slowly. Wood displayed a useful left, but once went down. In round two there was better and faster boxing, the round going to Ritson. Wood jumped in when around three commence and soon had Ritson down and later got in a good left to the head. Wood had a slight advantage. The fourth was Ritson’s. In the fifth Ritson accidentally caught Wood low with his head. Wood was shaken and Richard held off, the round being even. The sixth lasted one minute 45 seconds, when Wood took the count.

A good contest was that between Jim Oldfield (Rossington) and private R Hodgetts (Denaby Main.) There were two well matched. Hodgetts had slightly the better of the opening round. The second round was mixed and the third went at a fast pace, again with little between them. In the fourth there was much infighting and in the fifth Oldfield almost found the point with a good left. The referee gave his decision to Hodgetts on a narrow margin. Oldfield challenge Hodgetts to a 10 or 15 round contest and the challenge was accepted.

A bout between private J McDonald (Conisbrough) and N Grice (Denaby) was stopped in the second round and awarded to McDonald who was much heavier and younger than his opponent.

The referee was Mr J Moran of Aylesbury, and the timekeeper Lt Bracewell it was announced that an attempt will be made to get an opponent from London for a contest with Sid Breeze of Mexborough in the near future.