Boxing Revival at Denaby – Oldfield and Spooner Give Grand Show

January 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times January 4 1935

Revival at Denaby
Oldfield and Spooner Give Grand Show

There was a moderate attendance at the Baths Hall. Denaby, on Tuesday night, when after a lapse of two years, boxing was revived at Denaby.
This time MR. W. Bridgewater of Doncaster, was the promoter and programmes may be organised regularly at the baths hall if public support warrants it.

The bout between Fred Oldfield (Mexboro’) and Tommy Spooner (Denaby), over ten rounds, was the principal fight on Tuesday. Spooner has had few fights recently, but has been in constant training. This, however, was not sufficient to enable him to stand up against the more experienced Oldfield. As Spooner was conceding about a stone, he did well to stay in the ring for seven rounds. There were times when Oldfield appeared to be beaten but this is where his experience came in. For once, Spooner failed to land that deadly right of his which has often given him victories by the short route.

Oldfield missed a good chance in the first round when he had Spooner on the ropes in a dazed condition, but Spooner fought back. Spooner ran into a left in the second round which sent him to the ropes. Spooner showed his gameness by standing up to heavy punches in the third round, while he won the next, scoring freely with both hands. Oldfield went down twice in the fifth round for short counts, but in the sixth, Oldfield made a wild rush to land a swinging right on Spooner’s Jaw which sent him down for a count of nine. Spooner rallied, but again went down, being saved by the gong. The seventh round brought the end. Spooner after being sent to the ropes stopped a right which sent him down for the full count.

Joe Taylor (Denaby) put up a good display in outpointing Archie (Balby) over eight rounds. McMann stood some heavy punishment and fought back well after being down there three times in the second round. In a novices’ competition Young Dooney (Denaby) beat Young Norman (Wath) the referee (Mr. W. Bridgewater) stopping the bout when the towel was thrown in at the end of the second round. Geo. Simons (Mexborough) beat Willie Kelly (Conisborough) the towel being thrown in at the end of the second round, whilst Kelly was taking the count.